The OECD have released their latest Skills strategy for New Zealand. In digitalisation specifically they note:

The country has important imbalances between the skills of workers and the skills needs of the labour market. As digitalisation has been increasing the demand for high- skilled workers, employment is gradually shifting towards high-skilled occupations.

In most quadrants of the dashboard the strategy ranks New Zealand favourably with two notable exceptions:

New Zealand is also among the bottom 20-40% in regards to the alignment of skills with the labour market, and the use of skills at work is not improving much over time.

These statements align strongly with recommendations made by this forum and will require a concerted effort to overcome. The report goes on to reinforce this further in noting:

New Zealand could benefit from a renewal of its strategic vision for the future to ensure that all of its people have the skills to respond to the challenges and opportunities of a complex and rapidly changing world. A whole-of government approach and effective stakeholder engagement will be essential for achieving this aim.

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Here is a link to the document below can be found here for download: Skills-Strategy-NewZealand-EN