The Professional Pathways Working Group was established to encourage and facilitate the coordination and collaboration of vocational training and development across the digital sector.

Work scope

The group has been formulated specifically to address the following key issue:

  • Identifying entry and pathways to the digital sector

The specific scope of this work is:

  • Establishing and mapping career pathways both into and within the sector;
  • Exploring and enabling alternative delivery models for ongoing career and professional development;
  • Encouraging the use of a common skills framework (such as the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA)) to assist in defining skills requirements and developing programmes¬†that can help to develop and deliver these requirements.


  • Quarterly reports to the Forum
  • Initial activities include:
    • Identifying opportunities and encouraging the adoption of a common skills framework across Government and Industry;
    • Considering alternative entry mechanisms to the sector, and how these can be supported (where appropriate and robust);
    • Considering the wider potential input and impact on workforce planning for the sector.
  • Other deliverables:
    • Identification and promotion of a common skills framework;
    • Environment scan of pathways into the sector;
    • Development and mapping of primary career pathways;
    • Identification of primary alternate delivery models and possibly options for promotion.


Paul Ramsay, NZRise (Industry)
Hayden Fenwick, MBIE (Government)

Working group members

Aron Chantelau, Assurity
Dean Minchington, ServiceIQ
Lynda Byrne, DPMC
Mandy Wong, MBIE
Nita Zodgekar, MBIE
Rees Ward, Wellington ICT Graduate School
Rohan Wakefield, Enspiral Dev Academy
Ruth McDavitt, Summer of Tech

Terms of reference

Digital Skills Forum Professional Pathways Working Group Terms of Reference (PDF)

Date established

August 2016