Working Groups

Working Groups have been established to focus on the critical elements of the digital skills ecosystem including the pathways into the sector via the education system, via the immigration system and via professional career development. These three working groups are underpinned by a fourth working group that is focused on the development of evidence and data to assist with fact based decision making.

Due to the importance of cyber-security skills, there is also a cyber skills focused working group that is identifying and stimulating projects to develop cyber-skills. Additionally, cyber-skills projects are interwoven through the other working groups.

Education Working Group Education Working Group - Identifying, supporting, fostering and promoting initiatives that support education leading to practice within the IT profession.
Evidence & Data Working Group - Research and data aggregation for understanding the digital skills landscape
Immigration Working Group - Identifying solutions to immigration related issues for digital skills employment
Professional Pathways Working Group - Encouraging and facilitating the coordination of training and development across the digital sector